Top 20 family travel blogs in the UK (2019)
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Top 20 family travel blogs in the UK (2019)
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Top 20 family travel blogs in the UK (2019)

Planning a trip with your family can be a real brain teaser, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there are travel writers sharing their families’ trips and adventures. Today, we are going to present you the TOP 20 UK family travel blogs. They have taken their family trips to the next level. Discover how they decided to give up on everything and start a new life and travel with their kids.

Actually Mummy

#familytravel #lifestyle #parenting

Actually Mummy is a family blog managed by Helen. She loves to share her children’s hilarious stories and travel with them. Besides being a family travel blog, it’s a lifestyle blog which aims to inspire parents.

Helen and her husband, Jason traveled a lot even before the birth of their children. Both of them are passionate about skiing. Now, they are discovering new horizons from the perspective of their 2 children, Maddie and Evan.

This wonderful family has been to the 4 corners of our planet. They enjoyed being together in Europe, in the USA, in the Caribbean, and in Southeastern Asia. And if you are passionate about skiing or camping, you should definitely check their travel blog.

Our favorite article from Actually Mummy:

A Reggae Catamaran, and a Dolphin Kiss at Beaches Negril

In this article, Helen shares her family’s water adventures in Jamaica. She tells how much her family loved their luxury catamaran cruise tour.

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A Modern Mother

#familytravel, #thoughts, #recipes

Susanna is the founder of A Modern Mother and co-founder of BritMums, an influencer network in the UK. After moving to the UK to start a family adventure with his Scottish husband, Susanna gave birth to 3 incredible girls. Since then, she started her blog to share her thoughts and travel experiences.

If you are looking for family activities in countries like France, the USA, or England, this blog is the right inspiration.

Susanna featured in many important magazines like the Independent, The Times, etc.

Our favorite article from A Modern Mother:

Family Guide to the French Ardennes

According to Susanna, Ardenne is perfect for outdoor family adventures, like kayaking, biking, and sailing. Her guide covers everything you should know from transport, hotels, food, and activities to practice in family.

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#familytravel, #traveltips

Living in different places, Katja soon understood that she wanted to continue traveling for the rest of her life. The idea of making a family blog appeared when she was living in India. Globetotting soon became the blog for parents who didn’t know how to travel to India with their children.

Today, Globetotting has expanded its destination list. It uncovers everything families should know while traveling to the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Besides writing incredibly useful content on Globetotting, Katja co-authored many Lonely Planet guides. Some of her articles also featured on BBC Food.

Our favorite article from Globetotting:

My Family Adventure: A Month in Morocco

In this article, Katja tells about her family’s one-month trip to Moroccan different cities. She tells us how much they loved the local people, food, nature, and cultural heritage.

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Jenography is a family travel blog managed by Jennifer, co-founder of BritMums. Her travel blog covers everything you should know about travel to UK, the Americas, and Europe. Jennifer also gives family travel advice like checklists for car journeys while traveling with kids. Jennifer’s articles feature many times in leading publications like The Independent, etc.

Our favorite article from Jenography:


In this article, Jennifer explains why she thinks Puy Du Fou is the best theme park everyone with children should try.

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Kiddie Holidays


Jo is the content writer of Kiddie Holidays. Her travel blog helps parents with babies and toddlers to find ideas of cottages, theme parks, and city breaks. Check out their adventures in Europe to discover how to travel with the very little ones.

Our favorite article from Kiddie holidays:

A Local’s Guide: 10 Toddler Friendly Things To Do In Singapore

This article explains that Singapore is a nice and toddler-friendly city. You can find Jo’s tips on how to touch your toddlers’ 5 senses with Singapore’s family activities.

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Mini Travellers


Karen, editor of Mini Travellers and mom to three incredible daughters says they love traveling. In her blog, you can find everything a family needs to plan their vacations. Karen shares with us her camping recipes from paella to kebabs and soups. This blog even organizes competitions to win camping tickets to festivals. One more reason to follow this blog.

Our favorite article from Mini Travellers:

12 Delicious Camping Recipes

Being food-addicted here at MyLittleAdventure, we couldn’t resist to the temptation. What about trying a zesty lemon spaghetti or artisan pizza on a campfire while traveling comfortably in your caravan?

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Monkey and Mouse

#familytravel, #lifestyle, #parenting

Monkey and Mouse is a family travel blog. It shows the travel adventures of Jenny and her beautiful family across Scotland and abroad. This family loves discovering Scottish islands and taking weekend breaks. Besides travel ideas, Jenny shares parenting and lifestyle tips.

Our favorite article from Monkey and Mouse:


Road trips can be an exhausting experience for children. Jenny’s list of kids podcasts is a good way to keep them busy during hours of the ride.

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Mummy Daddy Me

#familytravel, #photography, #interiordesign, #lifestyle

Mummy Daddy Me is a family blog. The blog is edited and managed by Katie who is passionate about photography and video creation.

The blog featured in different publications and magazines like OK!. Katie has been selected as one of the Top 10 Mummy accounts to follow by Daily Mail.

Our favorite article from Mummy Daddy Me:

5 More Cool Things to do in Orlando (That aren’t the main theme parks)- Part One

Katie says planning to visit Orlando can be very overwhelming as it is very big and various. So, she decided to share the best things to do in Orlando.

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Mummy Travels

#familytravel, #traveltips

Cathy is a devoted traveler who has visited more than 60 countries. Cathy gives handy tips to single parents traveling with their kids. She wants to show that traveling in solo with a child is challenging but completely possible. Her articles featured in magazines and publications like The Independent, National Geographic Traveller, etc.

Our favorite article from Mummy Travels:


In this article, Cathy describes the breathtaking beauty of the Cambodian temples.

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North East Family Fun

#familytravel, #traveltips

Samantha is a full-time blogger who manages North East Family Fun. This is a family of 5 people who love to travel across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Besides editing her family travel blog, Samantha also manages lifestyle, food, and Christmas blogs.

Our favorite article from North East Family Fun:

White Sands, Rum Cocktails & Vintage Cars | Our Child-Free Holiday to Cuba

In this article, Samantha tells us how they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their marriage without children.

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Otis and Us

#familytravel, #traveltips

After having their first child, Katy and her husband decided to buy a comfortable campervan to travel the world. Since this, their beautiful family of 5 traveled to different places to make memories. In her travel blog, Katy shares weekend break and Eurocamp ideas, and a lot more.

Our favorite article from Otis and Us:

The Family Friendly Festival: Timber Festival Review

In this article, Katy gives her opinion about the Timber Festival. According to her, this is a family festival as there are a lot of activities for children.

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POD Travels

#familytravel, #traveltips

Charly is the incredible mum of Pod who is passionate about blogging, photography, video edition, and adventure travel. They have been traveling to different countries in all corners of the world. They have been to Asia, Australia, European destinations, South America, and many other incredible places. In her blog, Charly covers everything related to travel inspiration.

Our favorite article from POD Travels:


In this article, Charly describes her family’s outdoor adventures around Lake Maggiore. She talks about their cultural and natural getaway in the Italian mountains.

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Suitcases and Sandcastles

#familytravel, #traveltips

It’s a family travel blog edited by Clare who was a passionate traveler even before becoming a mom. She loves taking her time and exploring the streets of her new destination until it becomes familiar. In her blog, Clare shares her tips about all the destinations her family has visited over the past years. From diving in Zanzibar to visiting Machu Picchu, you will find the kind of travel that fits you the most.

Our favorite article from Suitcases and Sandcastles:

Airbnb: Is it worth the hype?

In this article, Clare shares her experiences in some Airbnbs from welcome to nearby attractions.

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Taylor Hearts Travel

#familytravel, #traveltips

Taylor Hearts Travel is a family travel blog that highlights the secrets of stylish and luxury holidays with toddlers. Her children are 1 and 3 years old. So, you’ll mostly find content that fits the needs of parents having toddlers. Taylor also shares amazing tips on traveling while being pregnant.

Our favorite article from Taylor Hearts travel:


Have you ever considered purchasing recycled swimwear? Discover Taylor’s article on how humans can travel more respectfully.

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The Family Adventure Project

#familytravel, #traveltips, #parentingthoughts

This family blog is all about traveling as a family, learning through adventures, and growing as responsible citizens of our planet. The blog is edited by Kirstie and Stuart. They are adventure seeker mom and dad who love to transmit the love to nature to their children.

This family has been to 4 corners of our planet including Australia, the Americas, Middle East, and Europe.

Our favorite article from The Family Adventure Project:

3 Great National Parks Road Trip in Chile and Argentina

Discover some interesting corners of South America that guarantee mesmerizing views.

The Pigeon Pair and Me

#familytravel, #traveltips

This travel blog shares interesting tips on how to spend quality time in London and some other European destinations. Nell is the editor of this blog and mother of 2 incredible kids.

Our favorite article from The Pigeon Pair and Me:

Planning the ultimate family road trip: Route 66

Road trips with kids can be challenging if you are not enough prepared for it. This time Nell tells you how to prepare for the legendary Route 66 road trip from A to Z.

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Tin Box Traveller

#familytravel, #traveltips

Claire started Tin Box Traveller while being in her first maternity leave. Being in public relations for many years, she couldn’t stop expressing herself. Her beautiful family of 4 has traveled to many European destinations in search of adventures. Tin Box Traveller was a good way to tell the funny travel stories of her family. By the way, their family has a fifth member, Tin Box Traveller who is also a travel passionate.

Our favorite article from Tin Box Traveller:

7 of the best European cities for families

Visiting big European cities with children can be a challenging experience. Claire decided to uncover her list of the best European cities for family breaks.

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Travel Mad Mum

#familytravel, #traveltips, #parenting

Karen and Shaun are two travel passionates who backpacked in Asia and took a road trip from Canada to Argentina. And all of these with their 2 children. You’ll always see them either on the ground while discovering new countries or in the air.

Karen has another passion two. She loves to write destination guides and save notes while traveling to share her adventures with her followers.

Our favorite article from Travel Mad Mum:


In this article, Karen covers literally everything about her family’s adventures in Cartagena. You can find valuable tips from hotels to food including entertainment spots for children.

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Wander Mum

#familytravel, #traveltips

After getting through a lot of hardships, Elizabeth and her husband decided to adopt a “live for the moment” attitude. Traveling became one of the healing miracles for this beautiful family. Traveling with 2 children is never easy. But they managed to travel to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. In her travel blog, Elizabeth wants to show everyone that nothing is impossible.

Our favorite article from Wander Mum:

8 Ethical and Eco-friendly Travel Essentials To Pack For A Family Holiday

Eco-friendly habits are an important issue for Elizabeth during her family travels. Discover all the essentials you should put in your bag according to her.

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Zena’s Suitcase

#familytravel, #parenting, #lifestyle

Hardships and tough times made Zena start a family blog where she has been sharing her thoughts. The blog soon involved her family’s travel discoveries and became a full-time job for her.

Zena’s family managed to travel to the UK, Europe, USA, Morocco, etc. Besides sharing her family’s most memorable moments, Zena also gives handy tips and tricks to new-time parents.

Our favorite article from Zena’s Suitcase:

Travel Guide: Hints & Tips for planning a Trip to Australia

Zena really loves to take care of every planning details before her trips. Australia is a big country and needs careful preparation. Discover Zena’s tips on how to get started to take out the best of your trip.

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