Best of Paris on Instagram in July
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Best of Paris on Instagram in July

Best of Paris on Instagram in July

We choose this 10 best instagram photos, made in Paris in the month of July. Check them out to find the inspiration and don’t forget to save your favorite ones, not to loose the locations!

1. Au Canon, des Invalides

The spot near one of the most instagrammable cafes in Paris, “Au Canon”, offers such an excellent view on the Eiffel Tower (swipe on the right to see all the photos.

Hello Paris @katerina_koshkina_designer

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2. Bridge of Bir Hakeim

Not that popular as the bridge of Alexandre 3, this one is even more interesting, as the view from here on the Eiffel Tower is just remarkable.

3. Little parisien

This sweet parisian citizen on paws will stole your heart and make you fall in love with Paris even more. Address of the spot - The Île Saint-Louis, which is one of two natural islands in the Seine river.

4. Joy & Happiness

Of course, we couldn’t miss in our rating the most significant event of the month and, probably, of the year in France. “Merci les bleus!” we can hear from any corner. Indeed, impressive power of human unity in such a responsible moment for the country!

5. Au vieux Paris

This place is so different at any time of the year. However, without any doubt, spring and summer times are the best seasons to take an incredible shot here!

6. Montmartre morning

Slowly drink your cup of coffee, enjoying rays of sun playing on the facades of the Montmartre. Every corner here is worthy to take a photo, especially during the magic morning time ☕

7. Picnic on the Seine

Picnic in Paris is always a good idea. Especially on Seine riverside with a glass of cold rose wine, fresh croissants and sweet fruits. Add here a basket of flowers with a retro bicycle - and your perfect instagram photo is ready to receive hundreds of likes!

8. Above the Tuileries Garden

The Roue de Paris was one of the symbols of the city since it was originally installed on the Place de la Concorde for the 2000 millennium celebrations. Unfortunately, on summer 2018 it was removed according to the decision of The Council of Paris. Who knows, maybe the legendary wheel will come back one day? We don’t know that, but for the moment we can surely enjoy numerous photos made from its top.

Above the Tuileries Garden in Paris

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9. Sinking House

This unusual building is situated in Montmartre, right next to the Sacre Coeur. Rotate your camera on 45 degrees, add some imagination and the most uncommon photo from Paris is yours!

fee-fi-fo-fum says sam (behind the scenes of this on my stories )

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10. The most famous photo of the month

If you follow some parisian instagram accounts, you, probably, have already seen this photo, as this one without any exaggerations is the most popular shot of the month! By the way, it is made by popular french photographer - JR artist.

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