Tour del museo dello Studio Ghibli di Tokyo e Ghibli Film Appreciation con pranzo
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Tour del museo dello Studio Ghibli di Tokyo e Ghibli Film Appreciation con pranzo
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Tour del museo dello Studio Ghibli di Tokyo e Ghibli Film Appreciation con pranzo

1 day
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Incontra la guida allo Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel (vicino alla stazione JR di Shinjuku) e sali a bordo dell'autobus per l'Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, la cui architettura ha ispirato uno dei film di Studio Ghibli. Pranza in hotel per poi raggiungere il Museo Ghibli.

Durante il viaggio, la guida ti descriverà le caratteristiche del museo e la storia dello Studio Ghibli, lo studio di film d'animazione giapponese che ha prodotto celebri lavori premiati con l'Oscar come La città incantata". Una volta arrivato, avrai a disposizione 2 ore per esplorare autonomamente il museo (la guida non ti accompagnerà durante la visita al museo). Ammira svariate mostre che descrivono il processo di animazione, porta i tuoi figli nello spazio ludico oppure guarda un cortometraggio del regista d'animazione Hayao Miyazaki, disponibile solo per la visione in loco. I bambini ameranno le modalità di presentazione dei personaggi Ghibli in tutto il museo.

Dopo aver approfondito le tue conoscenze sullo Studio Ghibli, lascia il museo per raggiungere il Museo di architettura open-air di Edo-Tokyo. Questo museo di sette ettari offre svariate mostre, le ricostruzioni di edifici di varie epoche in Giappone e una splendida area giardino esterna. Inoltre, potrai anche entrare ed esplorare in alcuni edifici di diversi stili, epoche e destinazioni d'uso, e vivere l'atmosfera di alcuni film Ghibli. Il Museo di architettura open-air di Edo-Tokyo è chiuso il lunedì; in questi giorni, la visita al museo sarà sostituita con la visita al tempio Jindaiji o al tempio Takahata Fudoson.
L'autobus ti riaccompagnerà nell'area di Shinjuku intorno alle 17:30 (alle 18:30 per i tour nel 2019).

L'ordine delle tappe dell'itinerario del tour sarà modificato a partire da gennaio. 2019, Visiterai il Museo di architettura open-air di Edo-Tokyo subito dopo pranzo, per poi raggiungere il Museo Ghibli. Il tempo di permanenza al Museo Ghibli sarà esteso a due ore e mezzo.
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  • Guida professionista (tranne durante le visite ai musei)
  • Tariffe di ingresso
  • Trasporto di andata e ritorno in pullman con aria condizionata
  • Pranzo
Non incluso
  • Guida all'interno dei musei
  • Mance (facoltative)
  • Bevande a pranzo
  • Servizio di prelievo da e verso l'hotel
  • Si riceverà la conferma entro 48 ore, a seconda della disponibilità
  • I bambini fino a 3 anni non pagano; non saranno forniti loro pasti né un posto a sedere
  • All'interno del museo non sono ammessi i passeggini per bambini.
  • All'interno del museo è vietato scattare fotografie.
  • Nota: la guida non ti accompagnerà durante la visita all'interno dei musei; visiterai i musei in modo autonomo. Successivamente la guida si ricongiungerà al gruppo per visitare l'attrazione successiva e tornare nella zona di Shinjuku
  • Museo Ghibli: avrai a disposizione circa 2 ore (2 ore e mezza per il 2019) per visitare il museo Ghibli; se preferisci trattenerti più a lungo all'interno del museo e saltare il resto del tour, comunicalo alla guida prima di entrare al museo. In questo caso, il trasferimento di ritorno sarà a tuo carico e non sono previsti rimborsi
  • Sono previsti brevi percorsi a piedi all'interno dei musei, pertanto ti consigliamo di utilizzare scarpe comode
  • Questo tour è offerto esclusivamente ai turisti residenti all'estero.
  • Non sono disponibili pasti vegetariani
Jennifer D
5 | 2019-09-09

A visit to ghibli has been on my bucket list so I am very glad I made it the whole day was fantastic and our tour guide and bus driver were great

Bang Yee N
5 | 2019-07-03

The Ghibli museum is small but quite fascinating. Worth a visit if you are a Ghibli fan. Our tour guide Naoko was friendly and we learnt a little more about Japanese culture from her. Lunch was delicious. The visit to the Edo museum was interesting too but a bit short. We really enjoyed the tour.

William P
5 | 2019-07-03

When booking the tour I worried that the other stops along the way were thrown in to pad out the value. This was not the case. Micky our tour-guide explained that Mr Miyazaki was inspired by these places, and it was easy to see the similarities with the architectural museum and the hotel where we had lunch, in the movie spirited away. Micky had lots to explain about what we would be seeing, and this really enriched the experience, so thank you very much Micky! If you're trying to find an alternative to see the Ghibli museum because you didn't book in advance like me, then you will certainly not be disappointed by what you pay for this tour. It was an excellent experience, and I highly recommend it!

3 | 2019-04-15

Being realistic, this tour is just to get access to Ghibli Museum with its very restricted ticketing. The other aspects of the tour are simply to pad the day out - tour starts at 10am, a long lunch (?) starts at 11am, the shrine is fine but nothing outstanding. Our day suffered from rain at the shrine and no wifi on the bus because...all hubs out already. Tour guide seemed surprised at how the day unfolded, changing times for Ghibli etc. Museum itself was fab, but considering the entry ticket cost £7 if you can get one direct the added attractions should have been better for overall cost of tour.

Jennifer V
5 | 2019-01-16

The tour started at the tour office in the fantastic keio plaza hotel, where they had special art exhibits to enjoy while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.We met our tour guide, Yuki, and were led off to the tour bus which was very comfortable with good wifi. Yuki was amazing, so knowledgeable and friendly, sharing details about Japanese life. She handed out packets describing our itinerary.First, we would stop for an early lunch. I was expecting a box lunch but no, we went to a really wonderful hotel for a buffet lunch. This lunch was unbelievably good! I went on the national holiday known as the coming of age day, so got to see many young women dressed in their kimono. Next we went to the open air architectural museum, where you can stroll among several historical buildings showing Japanese life over time. I really loved this and would like to go back and spend more time. It was great getting to just relax on a tour bus and not have to worry about navigating from place to place myself.After the open air museum we were on to studio Ghibli. There are no words that can adequately explain how I felt about this .Even if you are not a fan, go! You'll see a short animation and wander through the multi story building. You'll see the inspiration for the animations and replicas of the working office . And don't miss the cat bus! Thank you Yuki for such wonderful tour and experience which far exceeded my expectations.

Sandy Fong May Yoke
5 | 2018-12-31

It was a Great trip, the tour guide. Id very friendly and helpful. Too bad can't take photos inside the museum . Thank you

5 | 2018-11-26

The museums slogan “Lets get lost together” summarizes the immersive nature of the museum. A must do

4 | 2018-09-24

A great day but a few things of note.Tour guide english was very poor.No movie or interesting facts were provided on bus ride like indicated.Museum is very small, easily done in under two hours, including the 15 minute movie which is the must see of entire experience.The hotel for lunch was nice, but the main viewing area was closed for private event when we went.Can't speak on open air museum, since we skipped that part and went home on our ownBottom line is this,If you like ghibli and couldn't get tickets on your own to the museum, this is a decent option to get you there and in. That said, its not essential for non fans, and probably best done without tour

Torey B
5 | 2018-08-06

Miki our guide on the tour was very knowledgeable about everything Ghibli and gave us some very insightful tips on how to tackle the entire museum and we were able to see most of it within 2 hours without feeling like we were rushing. the hotel that inspired Spirited away was an amazing plus that i don't think we would have seen other wise.

5 | 2018-06-17

Our kids 16yr old boy and 17yr old girl were the main reason we booked this tour, but we ended up enjoying it just as much! The museum is beautiful and our guide Mari was amazing! She shared so much with us about Japanese culture so we felt like we got more than just the tour info!

Alex M
5 | 2018-05-20

My daughters are big fans of Anime, and Miyazaki truly is an animation genius. The museum is a little ways away for central Tokyo but well worth the trip. The concession stand is always busy, so sitting down to enjoy some coffee isn't going to happen unless you have all day to spend there. Our tour was only supposed to spend a couple hours there, but we took the option to leave the tour at that point and stay on at the museum. Getting back wasn't too hard even though we got lost in Shinjuku station surprise surprise while transferring lines. The lunch was held at a hotel that needs to be seen to be believed, and was a treat all by itself. If I could make one recommendation to the tour operators, it would be to allow more time at the Ghibli museum, since it is one of a kind. Especially if you have fans of the genre in your family.

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