Zoo di Singapore con trasferimento e colazione facoltativa con gli orangotango
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Zoo di Singapore con trasferimento e colazione facoltativa con gli orangotango
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Zoo di Singapore con trasferimento e colazione facoltativa con gli orangotango

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Incontra la tua guida al momento del prelievo dall'hotel di Singapore per un confortevole viaggio con aria condizionata prima per il centro di ritiro dei biglietti e poi per lo Zoo di Singapore. Situato nella parte nord dell'isola, lo zoo vanta un nuovo concetto di protezione degli animali che prevede splendidi parchi in cui gli animali sono liberi di vagare nei loro habitat naturali. Il parco faunistico da 26 ettari, immerso nella rigogliosa foresta pluviale Mandai, ospita 3.600 animali che rappresentano oltre 300 specie tra mammiferi, uccelli e rettili.

Se hai prenotato l'opzione di aggiornamento, inizia con una colazione nella giungla in mezzo a una splendida famiglia di orango tanghi (vedi sotto) prima di salire a bordo del tram aperto per il tuo tour mattutino. Chi non seleziona l'opzione della colazione, avrà del tempo libero per esplorare lo zoo a piacere prima che inizi la parte guidata del tour.

Poi sali su un tram per un giro istruttivo per le aree aperte appositamente progettate per riprodurre gli ambienti faunistici naturali, delle pendici dell'Himalaya fino alla foresta pluviale del Sudest asiatico.

Pur essendoci delle barriere protettive che mantengono una distanza di sicurezza da animali come zebre ed elefanti, puoi aspettarti che un certo numero di altri straordinari esemplari ti si avvicinino mentre viaggi in tram. Lungo il tragitto, farai anche delle soste per scendere ed esplorare a piedi.

Con il commento che illustra il dramma di queste magnifiche creature, lo Zoo di Singapore spera di ispirare i suoi ospiti al rispetto e all'apprezzamento della natura.
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  • Accessibile con sedia a rotelle. Sarà necessaria l'assistenza di un badante/accompagnatore durante il giro in tram. È disponibile un compartimento in cui riporre la sedia a rotelle durante il giro in tram. Il passeggero dovrà essere trasportato dal badante/accompagnatore al sedile del tram.
  • L'opzione vegetariana è disponibile al buffet.
  • Nota: la colazione con gli orangotango non è inclusa, a meno che non venga scelta l'opzione "Colazione con gli orangotango e Tour" al momento della prenotazione
Christine W
4 | 2019-09-30

Singapore Zoo is worth the visit. We did the "Breakfast with the Orangutans" . There was an error with our pickup time, which the driver inferred was our fault as we did not ring as soon as the time had passed, but he had us on his list at the time he picked us up. No explanation was given, but this delayed us meeting our bus, hence a late arrival at the zoo. So our breakfast with the Orangutans was a lot shorter than should have been and therefore not sure what we missed. But the zoo is worth the visis.

Jayne A
2 | 2019-09-24

Arrived toward the end of the program, felt like others had more time to eat and enjoy. Then rushed to visit the orangutans. Told to pose for 10 seconds then shooed away, even when there was no line. Video on website totally misleading. Eating area was 25 yards away from animals so had to look over everyone's heads to see them.

2 | 2019-09-23

We arrived on time but took us 15 minutes wait to get our tickets to get in by the time we got there every one else was sat I. There seats ealaxed we were rushed in quickly told to get w sear missed there arrival no chance to get a coffee or anything.... then question to get a picture finally sat down they left and we were told buffet would be closing soon ... should of really got there for 9 am but didn’t till 9.30 Was ok if was more relaxing

Sarah P
5 | 2019-08-28

I really wanted to go to the Breakfast with Orangutans and had looked at various ways of getting there but this half day tour was the least hassle - being picked up from your hotel. I knew from other reviews that there wouldn't be enough time to see the whole zoo so was prepared to make our own way home if we felt we wanted to stay on but by 11.45 we had seen all the main animals we wanted and the heat was sapping our strength so we were happy to return on the coach. On the way to the zoo our guide was so thorough going through every detail of the map and suggesting times and order to complete for each section of the zoo to allow us to hit the ground running when we got there which was so helpful. He also explained the alternative methods of transport for those that wanted to stay on or missed the bus - he was very clear that he would not wait for late comers. It was very busy when we arrived but we were taken to our reserved area of seating at breakfast which was right near where the Orangutans would sit. Tour East actually sponsor 'Breakfast with the Orangutans' which may be why the seats were so good. The buffet breakfast itself was delicious with so much choice. Our guide had warned us not to panic when they gave the announcement for any one taking photos and it was good advice. Most of the restaurant got up and queued but we took our time and had a much shorter wait and stroked a python(!) while waiting. There is no time to hang around while having your photograph and you are certainly not allowed to touch the orangutans but the staff were very helpful, taking a picture on my camera as well as the professional photographer. After breakfast we looked went on the tram which was a good way to get around the zoo but not that many of the animals are visible from it as our guide had warned us. We also walked round a lot of the zoo and we were impressed by the way the animals were stimulated with different forms of play. You could easily spend a day there if you had the stamina but we were happy to return with the coach and do our own activities that afternoon instead.

Imari W
5 | 2019-08-13

We had an amazing time! Eating breakfast with the orangutans was so much fun. The zoo was very beautiful and I enjoyed feeding the rhinos.

Anita P
4 | 2019-07-26

This was a great experience but the orangutans are really just on display for part of the breakfast time and you can line up and be photographed quickly both professionally and with your own camera in front of them. Breakfast is buffet with plenty of choices but was a little cold by the time you get to it. You can access the zoo after which is fantastic but is rushed so if you really want to stay and enjoy it I recommend getting own transport back - there is some cheap options. The transport to/from was well organised with great communication

Norman B
5 | 2019-07-08

Took this tour with the breakfast with the orangutans. Although I read some reviews that were not that positive regarding being rushed and crowded, I did not find that this was the case especially considering we visited on a Sunday morning. This is a group bus tour with very comfortable transportation. Guide was very knowledgeable and provide clear instructions. Breakfast was a nice buffet style meal with many options including fresh fruit and Asian cuisine along with the usual flare. Shortly after arrival, the orangutans are brought out and people are asked to begin queuing for photos with the animals. This was not a circus type attraction for those who may be concerned. The animals are brought out onto a natural habitat type platform and are fed while they are there. It was quite a unique experience to be up close to the orangutans. It was suggested by the tour guide not to rush to line up for photos with the animals which was good advice. Staff ensure that the animals remain until all have taken advantage of the photo opportunities. Staff were great and took photos with our own camera as well as professional shots which you have the opportunity to purchase. After breakfast you go out into the zoo on your own time and have approximately 2.5-3 hours to visit the zoo. This provides enough time to take the tram around the zoo and visit the various habitats by foot. You have the option of taking the tour bus back to the city including drop off at your hotel or stay for the rest of the day and take your own transportation back (taxi from this venue to the city is approximately $20, there are bus and train options available as well). This was an exceptional experience and great value for the price. Definitely recommend.

4 | 2019-07-03

The zoo itself is very good and the breakfast with the orangutans is well worth it. There is plenty of time for photo ops with the orangutans although some people must have felt they would miss out and couldn't wait their turn to be called - kind of like the ones who have to stand as soon as the seatbelt sign turns off. This tour is actually a half day and unless I missed something in the description before booking, you're not made aware until you're on the way that you will be back at your hotel at 12.30pm...although I guess you would have the option to stay on and make your own way back. Hotel pick up was on time and efficient as per all things Singapore. The tour guide explained the process of what to expect once we arrived at the zoo and the arrangements for returning as we departed the pick up point, the only problem was that she then repeated the same details over and over for the entire half hour trip. The tour was full of English speaking guests so there were no language issues that needed her to go on so many times. Please stop her talking. The zoo was great but could feel a bit rushed if you're not aware this is a half day only and you will miss some shows in order to make the 11.45am return time. We had been to this zoo several years ago so at least has seen some of the shows e.g. elephant show that we had to miss out on this time.

5 | 2019-07-03

Fantastic morning very well organised everyone had a great view of the orangatans and great choice of food and service. I’d absolutely recommend it

5 | 2019-07-03

Well worth the money. .... Everything went great with pick.up from hotel .... One of the best trips I've ever done ...fantastic morning out

5 | 2019-04-15

It was nice to be with our tour operator. We were taken on time from our hotel. Arranged transplanted into large buses. Clear and truly helpful tour tips. Photographed with orangutans at the end of breakfast in the queue and on a specially designated place. There are a lot of people and therefore it was all very fast

Carmel P
5 | 2019-04-02

I was not disappointed i think a wonderful zoo to take little ones too see the animals up close and the breakfast with the orangutans was the highlight of the morning.

Alana B
4 | 2019-01-15

Singapore zoo is definitely worth the visit and it was a nice idea to have some of the orangutans visit for 30 minutes and allow us to have photos with them.

Ronald Vernon K
5 | 2018-10-25

The zoo was very enjoyable and worthwhile visiting if you are an animal lover.However, we stayed behind and did not use the transfer back to the hotel as the zoo is too big and too many thing to see and do at your own pace to leave with the arranged transport. We then did the river safari in afternoon. Then went back on our own and then went on the night safari with hotel pick up and drop off. This worked out well for us.The travel arrangements was excellent and on time.The breakfast was an outstanding buffet and absolutely worth every cent!!Seeing the Orangutans so close up and taking photos with them in background was also a very nice experience.Thus a highly recommendable activity.

5 | 2018-09-20

Great tour. Well worth every cent. This zoo is meticulously clean and the animals are very well cared for. Breakfast with the Orangutans was fantastic you can get up close with in touching distance. Linda Chan our tour guide from Tour East was terrific, very knowledgeable and a real comedienne.

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