Saltafila: Reggia e giardini di Versailles dal centro di Parigi
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Saltafila: Reggia e giardini di Versailles dal centro di Parigi
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Saltafila: Reggia e giardini di Versailles dal centro di Parigi

6 h
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Sali a bordo di un comodo autobus con aria condizionata in una qualsiasi delle fermate dell'autobus posizionate strategicamente vicino alle zone con la più alta concentrazione di hotel del centro di Parigi (Gare du Nord, Opéra or Champs-Elysées / Etoile) e preparati a immergerti nell'opulenza della reggia di Versailles.
Accompagnato da un coordinatore/hostess che parla lingue diverse, potrai usufruire di un accesso prioritario alla reggia evitando le lunghe code. Una volta all'interno, approfitta di un'audioguida disponibile in 11 lingue e immergiti nel cuore della Sala degli specchi e degli Appartamenti di stato. Dopo la visita al palazzo, avrai del tempo libero per scoprire gli imponenti giardini della reggia, progettati da André Le Nôtre. Questo tour ti consente di ottimizzare il tempo a Versailles con una visita di 5 ore all'interno della reggia
La reggia di Versailles è un patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO da 30 anni ed è una delle conquiste artistiche francesi più belle del XVIII secolo. II sito iniziò come palazzina di caccia di Luigi XIII, prima che suo figlio, Luigi XIV, la trasformasse e ingrandisse, trasferendo la corte e il governo francese a Versailles nel 1682. Ciascuno dei tre re francesi che vi abitarono fino alla rivoluzione francese aggiunsero dei miglioramenti per renderla più bella.
Dalla finestra centrale della Sala degli specchi osserva la meravigliosa prospettiva che porta lo sguardo dal Parterre d'Eau all'orizzonte. Questa prospettiva originale, che precedette il regno di Luigi XIV, fu sviluppata ed estesa dal giardiniere André Le Nôtre, ampliando il sentiero reale e scavando il Grand Canal. Questa vasta prospettiva si estende dalla facciata della reggia di Versailles ai cancelli del parco.
Alla fine della visita, trova il tuo accompagnatore turistico al punto d'incontro per ritornare a Parigi. Puoi scegliere di essere riaccompagnato agli Champs-Elysées/Etoile oppure all'Opéra di Parigi.
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  • Garantito per saltare le lunghe code
  • Accompagnatore / accompagnatore di tour multilingue per le partenze
  • Trasporto in autobus con aria condizionata da diversi punti di partenza nel centro di Parigi
  • Visita con una guida audio informativa disponibile in 11 lingue (inglese, francese, tedesco, italiano, spagnolo, portoghese, giapponese, russo, coreano, polacco e cinese mandarino)
  • Musical Gardens "e" Fountain Show "inclusi in date selezionate (martedì, venerdì, fine settimana e date speciali)
  • Ingresso - Palace of Versailles
  • Garanzia saltafila
Non incluso
  • Cibo e bevande
  • Mance
  • Ritiro e consegna dell'hotel
  • Riceverai una conferma al momento della prenotazione
  • Non accessibile in sedia a rotelle
  • Lo spettacolo musicale dei giardini di Versailles è disponibile solo il martedì e il venerdì (non disponibile da novembre a marzo)
  • Le fontane dei giardini di Versailles sono disponibili solo il sabato e la domenica (non disponibile da novembre a marzo)
  • Si consiglia vivamente di non indossare scarpe col tacco alto (parquet nelle stanze e ciottoli nel cortile)
  • I passeggini non sono ammessi all'interno del palazzo
  • I bambini devono essere accompagnati da un adulto
  • Un massimo di 10 persone per prenotazione
  • Accessibile ai passeggini
  • Vicino ai trasporti pubblici
  • Partecipazione consentita alla maggior parte dei viaggiatori
Gaynel S
1 | 2019-09-30

The tour bus was late in picking us up. The "guides" gave no commentary on the history of Versailles on the way to the site. BUT, they did inform us that we would have to leave Versaille at 4pm so that they could take people who wanted to go to a Perfume factory! There was no mention made of this on the tour we booked! We waited to get into Versailles for almost an hour! This was no Skip the Line Tour! When I confronted the guide about the short amount of time at Versaille, he told me to take a train back to Paris! We would have had a little over three hours to see the palace and the and the grounds. There was no time to see the Grand Trianon, the Petite Trianon, and the Queens Hamlet. We did not return to the bus and took a cab back to Paris. Versailles was open to 6pm . We left at 5:30pm. Why did the bus have to leave at 4PM? To sell perfume and make a kick back for the tour company. Viator , do not use Magic Ways for tours! You are to good a company for this !! BR 729360746

Takako N
3 | 2019-09-30

This is the skip the line but we had to wait in our side in rain for 45 min to get the tickets so I guess I wish they have the tickets ahead of time it was long but not long enough to see the fountain show (9 am or 7PM) and go to other areas

Jacqueline A
2 | 2019-09-19

The wait in the skip the line was longer than the regular line. Our bus group waited well over an hour just to get in! Cut the time we had inside the palace and grounds. This was not a skip the line.....we were the line.

Garth C
5 | 2019-09-16

You do not want to drive to Versailles and you definitely want to skip the line. The lines are ridiculously long. It is a very popular place to visit so there will be crowds. You want to have time to see as much as possible and this allows you to do it.

Shelley W
2 | 2019-08-22

We were very disappointed with this. Admittedly it was raining, but meeting time was at 10am but after ticking off customers then picking up others, so much time was wasted and then we had to line up in the rain, watch other groups go in ahead of us and our guides seemed to be fluffing about doing nothing. Palace itself was lovely but organisation was very poor from our guides. Bus should have come back earlier to pick us up as we were all cold and wet. Booked for the fountain show and very disappointed with that too, hardly any water movement.

Carolyn K
5 | 2019-08-20

This half-day trip to Versailles was just perfect. Skipping the line was the best idea ever, and the time allotted to just about right. the crowds were unbelievable, but the half day gave us enough time to explore the gardens and the palace without getting too tired. All in all, a very pleasant day and well worthwhile.

Deborah X
3 | 2019-08-19

Nice day traveling to this huge palace with audio. However, the gardens were included and we weren’t given any info on getting around. If you can’t walk very long and far, forget this. We took the petit Tran and didn’t take us anywhere to see special gardens or pools. By the way it was extra $$. I would’ve also like to see Marie Antoinette’s area and didn’t learn about going there from anyone. Just surprised they don’t give more information.

Jayne O
5 | 2019-08-19

Lovely trip. Easy for us because we didnt need a ride or stand in line for tickets. Hard to find the agent at first though.

Bethany D
2 | 2019-08-05

We loved Versailles and what it had to offer. However, the tour company MagicTours where awful. Location for pickup was not clear and time stated on voucher did not match time even remotely for pickup we waited 1hr30 mins. If that wasn’t bad enough no other buses or tour compagnies around knew anything either and when I attempted to call the tour operator number 6 times it rang and rang then you receive a message stating that their mailbox is full. So needless to say lots of stress and worry on our part. We even called viator customer service and they even attempted to call the tour operator and all they could offer was if the bus didn’t show up to call them back. They eventually arrived and then proceeded to talk extremely quietly in the coach buses intercom. When we arrived we had to wait 35 mins to get into the palace (so much for skip the line) and the palace was sooo packed with people that you were shuffling and getting bumped constantly. If you can go off season do so and I would not use this company. We went with another local Paris company the next day for 3 other activities and loved it.

Eleanor T
4 | 2019-07-29

We joined the Magic Ways tour group. They were very punctual and well organised. The Palace and Gardens were glorious....hard to describe. It was the hottest day, and water bottles and advice were provided going to Versailles, but waiting in the hot sun at 4pm for the return journey was difficult to bear.

Kailey K
2 | 2019-07-18

Jean Michel, our guide, is a very nice man who speaks three languages and was sweet, but that's the only good aspect. The tour company itself is a mess. They almost sent the bus to the wrong pick up location, because they printed the address wrong online versus the ticket. I had to call three different numbers on behalf of our WHOLE tour group, because no one at the location (it's in front of a similar travel agency - confusing!) had any clue what we were talking about, to finally get a hold of a woman who insisted they hadn't made a mistake until I said we literally had 15 people waiting, and then she finally gave in and said "we will send the bus to your second stop." Then, it was hectic and took forever to get everyone on the bus, and we were late to arriving to Versailles, so our tours were very rushed and we had hardly any time to explore. The skip the line for a group was worth it to get in quicker, but that's it. We separated from the group to go on our own self guided tour, because it was better. Jean Michel was nice and said sure. The bus picking us up was late, too. Don't recommend this company.

1 | 2019-07-09

Very disorganized. Not a guided tour. Still had to wait several minutes to skip the line. Gave way too much time for tour and unable to contact anyone with the company. Please do not use any tour services with Magic Ways.

5 | 2019-07-03

The tour was absolutely breathtaking, Versailles is a beautiful preserved Masterpiece of architectural genius, the gardens were beautiful ,and the transformation in the place of the Monarch's, to the Napoleon era, was fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing one of my lifelong dreams.

Susan H
3 | 2019-07-03

There were too many people in both the palace and gardens for this to be enjoyable. Also. The guide was unfriendly and lacked empathy. The palace was still an amazing place.

2 | 2019-07-03

People were nice but the tour was disappointing. Needed some more directions. Fountain was only on when we got there then 4 hours later so missed seeing it plus due to an event transportation wasn’t available back to the end of the garden. Ended up taking the train back 2 hours early. It was a waste of money for us.

1 | 2019-07-03

Extremely Crowded - the crowd literally pushes you along every room - Could not enjoy - Waste of money

1 | 2019-07-03

Unfortunately,my mom and I had an awful experience on this tour.First,the bus was an hour late to pick us up,and we had to wait on a street corner in the cold rain until it came.Then,when it arrived two people came out and started hading us maps and asking us to check in on a clip board.Neither of them introduced themselves or apologized for being incredibly late.When my mom pointed this out to them, they replied in a somewhat snarky way "we were waiting too!".Which was true, but they were sitting on a heated coach,while we were standing in the cold.The driver of the coach was not good.The drive was rocky and we kept being lurched back and forth.On the bus the two who were apparently in charge told us hardly anything about what to expect or about what the plan was. When we got to Versailles they told us when and where to meet,but they told us this three different times,and each time they told us the meeting location and time was different.Then,we walked up to the "Skip the Line" Entrance.There,they did a very bad job of keeping us together. They didn't have anything that would help distinguish themselves from the crowd,and therefore it was very hard to find them. While we were waiting there happened to be a medical emergency in a different group in front of us that delayed us quite a bit.Of course,this was not their fault,but when they were walking us to a different entrance point,they lost two people in our group who ended up having to pay for additional tickets to get in since they had been separated from us.Once inside we had to wait,and they didn't tell us what we were waiting for.Once we were given headsets they said "have fun!" and left.There was no instructions as to how to use the headset,any advice for navigating the palace,or anything like that.We were just left to our own devices.This was quite a shock to me because I was under the impression that this was a guided tour - guided by a human.After visiting the palace itself,which was not the best experience overall because of the lack of information we were receiving and the enormous crowds,we got back on the bus with the 45+ other people in our group.One of the two leaders started counting heads after the bus started to leave.No one asked how it went,if we enjoyed it,or what could have made the experience better.When we got off the bus,neither of the leaders said anything to us.They seemed like this was the first tour they had ever lead and like they did not enjoy being there. It was despicable.

1 | 2019-07-03

The tour guides were disorganized. They didn't own their own bus. They contracted the bus and were at the mercy of the contractor. Upon arrival in Versailles, we were told to form two lines, then three lines, one line, and then finally two lines. Once we got into the Versailles, the guide didn't give us a clear instruction. We're pretty much on our own and expected to meet at the point prior to heading back to Paris. Choose other tour provider with better ratings if you want a finer experience. Not recommended at all.

5 | 2019-07-03

The Palace was beautiful and we had a wonderful day exploring, taking pictures, and making memories. However, I would have liked more time to enjoy the gardens. Perhaps in the future, I will book a longer day trip.

Cassia A
2 | 2019-05-07

Versailles is absolutely beautiful, amazing place to visit, however, unfortunately, because this particular tour/ company, (the bus was late almost 1 hour and the pickup location was wrong), we didn’t have enough time to see and explore the Palace gardens, and when we asked the tour guide the possibility to stay a little longer in Versailles, since they were late and the tour was 1 hour behind the scheduled, they refused to do it, saying that there was no time, however, as soon as we jump in the bus back to Paris, the tour guide started to ask, (more than 6 times the same question), if someone was interested in visiting the museum of the perfume. Conclusion, the company is completely unprofessional, they refused to stay longer in Versailles, even though the tour was late, saying there was no time, but they had plenty time to go to the museum of the perfume, which didn’t happen since no one, including myself, were interested. I believe this company somehow makes money if they take tourists to the museum of the perfume. I DON’T recommend this tour.

Kelly S
3 | 2019-04-29

Our tour bus was an hour late for pickup (earlier passengers said the bus drove in circles). When I called to find out which bus line to look for, I was told the guides would be wearing red jackets, but was not given bus details. Once we arrived at Versailles, we were caught in a stoppage due to a severe medical emergency. Obviously not the tour company’s fault, but had they been even close to on time, we would have avoided it. And because the guide kept shuffling us around (and didn’t carry a marker as you would expect of a guide) one couple was lost in the fray and did not receive their entry tickets, having to pay for two more tickets to get in. Our departure was extended one hour, but that in turn impacted our dinner plans. Versailles was great, but the tour company was so disorganized and unprofessional.

Christopher B
5 | 2018-09-02

Nice tour bus to site and good guide. this was our first visit to Paris and surrounding areas, and a lot of people trying to get in, so I would highly recommend a skip the line option! We explored the gardens first and they are amazing, tranquil and spread out. We only had about 2 hours in the garden and did not have enough time to explore all sides. We wanted more garden time, and we made it down to the Marie Antionette estate, which we did not know was a separate admission. Had lunch at the garden midpoint between the two estates and surprisingly not busy. The palace interior tour was a mess of people all the way through and not sure how long that can continue since you can see the effects of all the foot traffic on wood and stone floors. Information can be overwhelming and might recommend some advance study before your first trip. We used head phones were helpful in explaining much of the details of all the rooms. The history itself is amazing and it was good to have some fellow tour faces in massive crowds of people.

Marcial F
5 | 2018-08-15

Very good to skip the huge lines to enter the Palace and see it at your own pace.

Sarah S
5 | 2018-05-27

Great day! Wear comfy clothings and shoes, watch the weather before you go!

Julia M
5 | 2018-04-09

Very organized. Our tour guide was great and it was nice not to have to worry about getting out to the palace. Also nice to have tickets already, although the security line was fairly long. Plenty of time to tour the house and gardens. Such an amazing place - definitely worth the trip!

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