Tour giornaliero di 11 ore ad Agra: Alba e tramonto sul Taj Mahal
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Tour giornaliero di 11 ore ad Agra: Alba e tramonto sul Taj Mahal
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Tour giornaliero di 11 ore ad Agra: Alba e tramonto sul Taj Mahal

1 day
Alba e tramonto
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Se sei un mattiniero, non dovresti mai perderti il Taj Mahal all'alba. Il servizio di prelievo sarà nel punto di Agra che preferisci prima delle 5:30 e poi ti basterà ammirare meravigliato lo spettacolare Taj Mahal. Prenditi del tempo per ammirare la maestosa architettura del Taj Mahal, un sito patrimonio dell'umanità dell'UNESCO, e uno degli edifici più famosi e splendidi del mondo. La nostra guida locale professionista ti rivelerà tutti i misteri del Taj Mahal e della sua architettura. Anche se hai letto o visto le foto di questo monumento, vedere personalmente il Taj Mahal all'alba ti lascerà sempre senza fiato.

Se preferisci partire più tardi, ti verremo a prendere all'ora e nel luogo che desideri, per iniziare il tuo viaggio al Taj Mahal. Più tardi visiteremo il vicino Forte di Agra, un fantastico edificio patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO. Questo forte di colore rosso presenta un'architettura impressionante e degli splendidi padiglioni. La guida ti spiegherà tutto sui bellissimi palazzi all'interno del Forte Agra, la sua origine e la sua storia.

Dopo il Forte di Agra, visiteremo il piccolo Taj Mahal: la tomba di Itmad Ud Daulla. Anche la tomba di Itimad-ud-Daulah è una meraviglia architettonica situata sulla riva del fiume Yamuna. È chiamato anche il mini Taj Mahal a causa della somiglianza con i suoi minareti, le opere in pietra dura e le transenne traforate. La nostra guida ti spiegherà la sua storia e lo squisito lavoro d'intarsio e l'affascinante architettura.

Fai una pausa per pranzare. Dopo pranzo, esplora l'arte e l'artigianato di Agra. La città è da sempre rinomata per i prodotti in pelle e la varietà di artigianato. Oltre ai prodotti esclusivi di Agra, potrai anche ammirare i dipinti, le ceramiche, gli oggetti d'artigianato e altre opere d'arte provenienti da diverse parti del paese.

Verso le 16:00, visita la tomba dell'imperatore Akbaand e scopri di più su questo grande imperatore della storia indiana. L'ultima tappa è il Mehtab Bagh (giardino di mezzanotte), per una vista romantica del Taj Mahal al tramonto. Il Mahtab Bagh si trova dall'altra parte del fiume Yamuna rispetto al Taj Mahal ed è considerato un luogo perfetto per vedere il Taj Mahal lontano dalle folle. Potrai sederti in pace e ammirare la bellezza di questo monumento al tramonto. Nel frattempo, la guida ti spiegherà la storia di questo bellissimo giardino.

Se l'ora lo permette, avrai la possibilità di aggiungere Fatehpur Sikri a questo tour. Si prega di discutere questa opzione per il tour.
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Vita Notturna
Hector E
5 | 2019-07-03

We had a very nice tour with our tour guide Sameer and our driver Gurmeet. They were always on time and super professional. Gurmeet picked us up from Delhi, drove to Agra and the around town. Every time we got back in the car, he had cold water bottles waiting for us. Our guide Sameer was very knowledgeable and patient since I really enjoy taking my time taking pics and exploring. We definitely recommend this tour. Special thanks for Sameer and Gurmeet for making everything great.

James W
5 | 2018-02-12

This tour was a fantastic way to visit the major sights of Agra, however the greatest part was the guide, an exceptional kind and humble man, Jitu. His knowledge of Agras history was incredible and his hospitality and professionalism 2nd to none. I would definitely recommend him and this tour!

Catherine W
5 | 2018-01-22

I flew from Goa to New Delhi so I would have a chance to visit the Taj Mahal. Now I know I should have flown into Agra, toured the Taj Mahal and then had a driver take me to New Delhi. Mr Gurmeet was at my Delhi hotel at 6am to drive me to Agra. The fog was very thick for about 3 of the 4 hour drive. He is an excellent driver and did a good job making sure I felt comfortable and safe. His car was stocked with water and treats for me. I had my hotel pack me a breakfast too, so I was well taken care of. We met the guide in Agra and went straight to the Taj Mahal. I had a nice time strolling the grounds and viewing the bird life. There are parakeets in the trees. The monument is very beautiful and photogenic. After, we went to a marble art shop and then a carpet store. I bought a small marble bowl and 2 carpets. it was a fun experience and I wanted souvenirs. There is free shipping on the marble art over 10 kgs. That was good to know. The tour ended with a typical Indian lunch at an outdoor cafe. A nice short break where you are left on your own. I was ready to go home then and made it back to my Delhi hotel in record time. You can customise this tour to what ever you want to do. Very nice people involved.

Nancy E
5 | 2017-12-11

Great guide, who shepherded us expertly through lines and knew all the best places for photos.

5 | 2017-11-09

2 days into our holiday and we had to set the alarm for 04.45, it was tough, but well worth it :) ! Sameer arrived right on time, we got into a spotless air conditioned car and off we went to the Taj Mahal. Sameer was very knowledgeable, and told us the story of the Taj Mahal, why it was there, who was there, the woes before and even information about how it was built! After getting to the Taj Mahal and seeing it by sunrise and having a good tour, the crowds were descending so we were popped back to our hotel for breakfast! We were collected again, and off we went to see the red fort, via a shop that produces beautiful pieces of inlaid marble. Again, Sameer told us the story of the fort, and who lived here. It's worth noting that I'm not very stable on my feet, and underfoot can be a little uneven, but Sameer took his time, let me go at my pace. We went on to visit the 'baby taj' and the moonlight gardens. We could have done this at sunset, but decided against it as the weather is quite hazy at the time of year we went, and I'm so glad! The gardens are beautiful, serene and peaceful. they should be visited for this, and not simply because you can see the Taj Mahal from across the river. Had we have gone to see the Taj at sunset I think some of the gardens own qualities would have been missed! We had a delicious lunch, typically a thali at a local restaurant, but it was delicious and as Sameer lunch with us, we got to chat with him and learn a little about him which was lovely. The next time we come to this part of India, we'll definitely be calling on the services of Kaimur Holidays!

Merrian B
5 | 2017-11-01

I have vacationed both with and without tour companies and I must say this has been my favoirite to far. It was the best of both worlds because Kaimur Holidays took care of everything to MY desires. I bought the set sunrise sunset of the Taj group of sights and got to see everything without any waiting in queues or trying to figure out protocols. Samir was fabulous at making sure I didnt worry about anything. This brought me a lot of comfort as a solo woman traveller who only had a few days to see the sights. Samir took amazing pictures and even paid for some things for me when I couldnt get to the ATM I paid him back of course. Then most importantly even though I just bought the Agra day tour I ended up turning it into two days and getting to see Sikri and being picked up and dropped off in Delfi for an EXCELLENT price. They know where to find everything and are very knowledgeable. The food places they take you to are safe according to my still functioning GI system and well rated. My driver Gurmeet was VERY kind, and an excellent driver safe which is hard to be in India, and very timely. He was usually waiting for me to get ready and I never waited for him to arrive. They even sent him my picture so he knew to look for me. If I ever return to India, which I plan to, I will definitely look them up again and have already been telling my friends about them. I really wanted to insights on the Moghul dynasty and architecture and the Agra Fort, and the 'Baby Taj' and the Taj itself along with Sikri are EXCELLENT ways to feel the legacy of the dynasty. I also requested of the company via whatsapp and was able to see the show at the convention center Kalakrit and Samir set that up for me in less than 4 hours. Nothing was missed. My photos were fantastic with just my cell phone. I was telling them they should invest in a nice camera and they could probably add 'pro photographer' to the list of things they offer. It was great to have an affordable few days with this company and I definitely recommend them.

5 | 2017-10-16

We booked this tour based on the reviews on Viator and were not disappointed. The tour is a great overview of the Taj Mahal and the three other main attractions Red Fort, Baby Taj and Mehtab Bagh/Moonlight Garden. We chose a 5.30am pick up to visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise and were glad to be on a tour. When you are barely awake, it is great to be taken care of buying tickets, standing in the right queue etc. so you can focus on enjoying the site. Our guide was very informative and happily took photos of us on our camera throughout the day. All pick ups were on time. We asked to stop to buy a take away breakfast before heading back to our hotel and the food was very nice. We visited a workshop / shop where we could see how the marble inlay technique is performed, as used in the decorations of the Taj Mahal. The explanations were very interesting. Naturally, we were shown many products for sale, with some sales pressure to buy, but no more than any elsewhere, and we left without buying. We had the option of visiting other shops and markets, but declined as we were not interested. My recommendation to future travellers is to feel free to take your time to take photos and explore further. There is plenty of time in the day to spend as long as you wish to take photos, for example. The guide will wait for you without a problem. Overall, we had a great day and were very happy with our tour.

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