Tour turistico di mezza giornata ad Atene
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Tour turistico di mezza giornata ad Atene
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Tour turistico di mezza giornata ad Atene

Mezza giornata
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L'incontro con la guida è previsto nel centro di Atene per poi viaggiare verso nord, attraverso la capitale greca, in pullman di lusso climatizzato. Si passerà davanti all'imperdibile Tomba del Milite Ignoto che si erge di fronte al parlamento in Piazza della Costituzione e si potrà anche vedere il palazzo presidenziale, che serviva come Palazzo Reale, prima che la monarchia venisse abolita nel 1974.

Poi ammira lo stadio Panathinaiko - in cui si svolsero i primi Giochi Olimpici moderni nel 1896 - e rilassati mentre il pullman passa davanti al Panepistimiou, sede della Biblioteca Nazionale di Atene.

Dopo aver visto le principali attrazioni dell'Atene moderna, torna indietro nel tempo con un tour del passato della città. Ammira il tempio romano di Zeus Olimpio, per poi sostare presso il gioiello di Atene: l'Acropoli. Costruita su una collina rocciosa che torreggia sopra la città, l'Acropoli, patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO, comprende una serie di edifici antichi che, una volta, collettivamente hanno agito come fortezza. Ogni edificio fu creato per riflettere lo splendore e la ricchezza di Atene durante il V secolo.

Le attrazioni principali dell'acropoli includono il famoso tempio del Partenone, il porticato di Propylaea e il Tempio di Atena Nike, un monumento costruito per rappresentare l'ambizione di Atene come città greca più potente. Dopo aver trascorso del tempo libero presso l'acropoli, si ritorna in pullman al punto di partenza.

Tour al mattino più museo: (5 ore)
Acquistando il supplemento per il tour mattutino è compreso un biglietto d'ingresso al Museo dell'Acropoli di Atene per visitare questa fantastica attrazione turistica dopo aver terminato il tour. Potrai entrare all'interno per esaminare autonomamente i manufatti e i resti esposti nel museo e vedere statue dell'epoca arcaica oltre ad alcuni degli altri 4.000 reperti esposti. La sala del Partenone è un altro punto forte e integra la visita precedente al tempio aggiungendo fatti storici.

Il biglietto d'ingresso consente di trascorrere tutto il tempo che si desidera all'interno del museo, tuttavia secondo molti visitatori sono ampiamente sufficienti 2-3 ore (dopo aver già terminato un tour da 3 ore e mezza).
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  • Guida turistica professionale
  • Trasporto in pullman con aria condizionata
  • Biglietti d'ingresso all'Acropoli di Atene
  • Tariffa d'ingresso al Museo dell'Acropoli di Atene (se hai scelto questa opzione)
  • Tasse locali
  • Wi-Fi gratuito in pullman
  • Cartina di Atene gratuita
  • Servizio di prelievo dall'hotel (solo hotel selezionati)
Non incluso
  • Mance (facoltative)
  • Cibo e bevande
  • Si riceverà la conferma al momento della prenotazione
  • A causa delle superfici irregolari, questo tour è sconsigliato a persone con disabilità motorie o su sedia a rotelle
  • L'opzione di prelievo dal porto o da un appartamento privato non è disponibile
  • A causa dei limiti di tempo questo tour non include l'entrata nel Tempio di Zeus Olimpio
Brandon c
2 | 2019-09-27

I’ve been travelling Europe for about a month when I did this tour so I had come across quite a few tour guides and tours. My tour guide was very unenthusiastic, she was rushed and seemed annoyed by everyone. We had a large group of like 30 + people. They didn’t give us headphones and we needed to huddle together to hear what she was saying. Dora didn’t try to fix this by taking extra time and speaking slower, she just rushed through everything and had no passion or meaning behind anything she said. It was all very matter of fact. The places we saw were wonderful but I was so disappointed with our tour guide. It could have been a really nice day but I left feeling very upset I spent so much money on something I didn’t get to fully understand and see properly because of how rushed I was and how much I could not hear the tour guide... and her lack of care about it all :(

5 | 2019-09-23

Costas, our guide was awesome. His knowledge was incredible, an extremely friendly and courteous guide....wishing him all the very best for his upcoming wedding.

Swing T
5 | 2019-09-23

Great tour. Tour guide was very knowledgeable on the history. Lots of walking. Good to do the tour early since the Acropolis became very packed as we were leaving. Pick up and drop off at hotel Amalia was on time. I did not add on the museum. Glad I went with the tour!

2 | 2019-09-18

Our guide soured my thoughts regarding this tour. She walked ahead not waiting for the elderly. When asked to slow down, she got very defensive and would not accept any suggestions. A suggestion was made privately and she proceeded to rudely approach this person in front of everyone on the bus. I felt that she was very defensive and ignorant.

Denise Z
2 | 2019-08-13

The sites on this tour were great. The tour guide really knew her stuff but her ability to organize where to meet was vague. Where she said to meet was not where she was. We were lucky to have seen her. One couple was not so lucky. She messed up on telling us the time she'd be at the museum. Would never use this company again

Kathleen C
4 | 2019-07-11

Our guide Dora was very knowledgable and we learned a lot about both ancient and modern Greece in just a few hours. We would recommend this tour. The only suggestion would be for the guide to use a microphone and participants to have earphones. The crowds were thick and it was hard to hear her at times, despite her efforts to shout above the noise.

Peter J W
5 | 2019-07-09

Great tour the hotel bus pickup was on time and the tour guide was so very knowledgeable it make the tour very interesting and put a lot of perspective on what we were seeing. Great for teenagers that like history as part of their studies.

5 | 2019-07-03

it is very informative tour our tour guide was very informative gave us lots of information about athens highly recomended

Juliana O
1 | 2019-07-03

Not sure how this has so many good reviews. The tour didnt last 3.5 hours and spent more time on the bus than sightseeing. Really unorganized! Also the tour guide spoke too fast and rushed in her explanations, it seemed like she just wanted to get the tour over with. We also wished we had headphones like the other groups we saw because it was hard to hear our guide with so many people around. Overall this was a waste of money.

3 | 2019-07-03

The sightseeing tour was great. The tour guide not so much. Took way to long to pickup all customers at numerous hotels. The tour guide was difficult to understand.

Ming Hai Y
1 | 2019-07-03

My wife and I were in group of 40 visitors on this tour. The tour guide was extremely soft spoken, she expects all of us to squeeze in when there was limited space with a big group. And while we were waiting for the group to assemble at the museum, I saw her holding the group pass ticket, so out of curiosity, I asked her what is the price of the ticket. Her reply was “This does not matter to you, my company bought it and it doesn’t matter to you.” For those of you who are interested to join this day tour, please look elsewhere to make comparison before signing up. Half the tour at the museum I was listening to other tour guides’ explanation as my lousy tour guide wouldn’t make the effort to speak up a lil.

Sheila J
3 | 2019-07-03

First Viator tour that wasn't a 5 stars. Tour had a large numbers of tourists, and we couldn't get close enough to the guide to hear what she was saying. She also had a soft voice that didn't project, and an accent that was hard to understand. We paid for the optional entry to the museum, but left the group, as did many others, once we got there. The museum was worth the extra fee!

3 | 2019-07-03

The guide was OK, but the groups are large and cant hear much. All should use the whisper radio system, a small investment but we can all hear the stories. Guide really did not come all the way to different monuments to explain. It is just a job to them to point out and tell you a little bit about it. After that you are on your own to figure out.

5 | 2019-05-10

If you are not familiar with Athen's rich history ---- or even if you are and want a refresher course, I highly recommend this tour. Outside of the fact our tour guide picked us up from our hotel, was friendly and passionate --- this tour exceed all expectations. The knowledge of 3,000+ years of events that lead up to Athen's today was great. We had a fairly large group and I still felt that our guide gave each of us attention when it came to questions or follow-ups. I do recommend that you add the museum to your tour since there is so much to cover inside.

Marnee C
5 | 2019-03-18

Our tour of Athens was insightful and exciting, and our amazing tour guide, Yota, did an excellent job. - Josh I had an incredibly memorable time in Athens. It has forever changed my perspective and mindset. The rich culture and history was breathtaking. Our tour guide, Yota, was incredibly brilliant and brought life to our tour. - Madi The tour was the definite highlight of the trip. We saw everything we wanted to, and were never shorted of information due to the wonderful Yota!

Brooke H
4 | 2019-03-18

Takes you to see all the main highlights of Athens! Our tour guide (Dora) was very knowledgeable and informative. I didn’t particularly feel like any more picture stops were needed and I’m very much a picture person. Overall would definitely recommend if you’re visiting Athens for the first time!

5 | 2018-10-06

The tour guide was informative and enthusiastic. It is a good thing we chose the morning tour as the Acropolis got to be so crowded when we were leaving. The only drawback was that I wished we could see some sights on foot vs. driving by and we spent quite a bit of time in traffic but thats to be expected.

5 | 2018-09-24

The tour guides were so informative. Everyone was so nice and pleasant. The acropolis is something everyone must see when in Athens. The views of Athens are breathtaking. Definitely worth it!

Laura B
2 | 2018-09-21

1) The tour bus didn’t pick us up at our hotel as promised (our conceirge got us a rush taxi). 2) We stood around as a group for a long time and then sat on the bus for another long period of time before the tour starred. 3). it was a large group at the Acropolis with hundreds of other tourists and groups and we could not hear the tour guide. No headsets- just our guide trying to talk above the din of other groups. 4) The tour was advertised as 3.5 hour half day tour. However, after the long delays, the actual length of the tour was closer to 2.5 hours. 5) the tour guide was knowledgeable, but gave a general description and then a 45 minute “you’re on your own to explore”. In summaRyan, this was not what I thought we were paying for.

Ajitha S
3 | 2018-08-23

Good one but can do on own as well.

5 | 2018-08-05

It was a great tour of Athens including the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Our guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

5 | 2018-07-31

Our family enjoyed this tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about the city which made the sights much more interesting!

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