Tour della spiaggia di Cozumel a cavallo
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Tour della spiaggia di Cozumel a cavallo
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Tour della spiaggia di Cozumel a cavallo

30 min
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La tua avventura di 30 minuti a cavallo inizia con un incontro di routine sulla sicurezza e poi ti verrà assegnato un cavallo adatto alle tue precedenti esperienze. La guida ti illustrerà tutte le istruzioni per la cavalcata prima di condurti per i sentieri del percorso della giunga, nelle mangrovie, in una fattoria degli animali, una dimora Maya e la fattoria prima che il percorso conduca alla spiaggia. Trascorri la maggior parte della cavalcata ammirando la spettacolare vista delle acque turchesi e cristalline di Cozume, in Messico (a causa del regolamento del Parco marino, è proibito cavalcare sull'acqua).
Alla fine della cavalcata puoi restare al Beach Club e goderti le strutture pagando quelle che scegli. Puoi acquistare il famoso Pass Beach Giornaliero All-Inclusive che include un buffet all-you-can-eat e il bar gratuito.
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Ronald S
3 | 2019-09-24

We arrived as the last of 4 ships in port that day at 12:30 p.m. Our cab ride was quick and efficient. We arrived at Mr. Sancho's and we seated quickly next to the water. We ordered food and drinks. The drinks came quickly, our food was slow (an hour wait). By the time it arrived, we had to leave the table to do a Horse Back ride excursion. So our food got cold, while we were gone. We had to order more hot food. The American Buffet shut down early and they started closing down at 3 p.m. Our server asked when we had to be back at the ship and we told him we were in Port till 10:00 p.m. He seemed shocked....We told him we would be closing the place down at 5 p.m. From 3:30 till 5:00 p.m. it got harder and Harder to get food or drinks, as everyone was closing the place down, washing, sweeping, moving chairs.........It would have been nice if they waited a little longer to start shutting down. I almost felt like we were in their way.... I will be back but I do not feel I got the full experience I paid for. The Drinks seemed to be hit and miss on Alcohol.....The food was good, Coconut Shrimps and Guacamole were excellent as was the Shrimp Cocktail....

4 | 2019-04-23

Pokemon and Simba the horses were fun. Luis our guide was not very talkative. Nice ride trail and along the beach.

Harris Anniversary
5 | 2018-11-26

We had such a wonderful time with our horseback riding tour. It was jus the right amount of time for 2 beginners. The horses were really easy to manage. Thanks for the wonderful experience.Mr. and Mrs. Harris

sherry C
5 | 2017-11-20

What fun we had riding through the trees to end up on the beach. Our guide was excellent! He let us run our horses on the beach and the photographer got a great shot of it. I have always wanted to ride horses on the beach!

tammy v
1 | 2017-09-28

This was something I've always wanted to do, but we really didn't get to go riding on the beach, but for a second and it was to hot to put those horses through that, and they have a pen for ducks and deer that is way to small, the deer was not impressive to us it was sad to see them in such a small space and knowing that they can't have any freedom. please let the animals go it is not exciting to see them like that. We can see and enjoy them in their natural habitat. I will not recommend this for anyone to do.

Brooke F
5 | 2017-08-05

This tour was great! The staff was very friendly and paired us with the right horses for each of us. They even offered to take some pictures for us on our cell phones. We went through a little trail with some trees and then eventually got to the beach and the view was beautiful. The horses didn't go too fast unless you wanted them to go faster. Overall it was nice and relaxing, not too long, not too short. It was exactly what we wanted, just a nice little ride and a view of the beach. Also the price was very affordable. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a 30 minute relaxing horse ride!

Edward S
5 | 2017-07-22

Our family of 4 had never ridden horses before, so this was a perfect tour for a group of beginners. Our guides were great! They began by allowing us to use their bug spray because we forgot ours on the ship. Martin acquainted us with our horses and they gave us horses that were kind to newbies. Our four horses were well trained and easy to control. During the first part of our tour, we went through the jungle and were able to see deer, iguanas, and ducks. Martin was kind enough to take my phone to snap pictures for us. This definitely made my wife happy! The trail led us to the beach and we rode along the shore. Our guides lined us up for a group picture, which we really love! The 30 minutes were perfect for us and we loved every minute of it!

Jerry L
4 | 2017-07-22

It was nice! The horses were well trained and the staff was cool. The mosquitoes were horrible!! Bring bug spray!

5 | 2017-04-14

Despite the fact that I've never been on horse before, it was an amazing time. They pair you up with a horse to your skill level and even though it was only half an hour, it felt just right.



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