Accesso prioritario: tour della Sagrada Familia di Barcellona
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Accesso prioritario: tour della Sagrada Familia di Barcellona
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Accesso prioritario: tour della Sagrada Familia di Barcellona

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Si ferma a: Sagrada Familia, Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcellona Spagna

La Basilica e il tempio espiatorio della Sagrada Familia sono tra gli edifici più visitati del mondo. Considerata il capolavoro di Gaudí, nonostante la costruzione della chiesa sia iniziata nel 1882, è ancora incompiuta. Potrai visitare i suoi interni sorprendenti ricchi di simbolismo e con la nostra guida scoprirai come Gaudí si è ispirato per la maggior parte alla natura, considerata dall'architetto il capolavoro di Dio. Di conseguenza l'edificio è una perfetta fusione tra architettura e spiritualità.

Durata: 1 ora

Si ferma a: Sagrada Familia, Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcellona Spagna

Alla fine del tour potrai visitare il museo, dove è presente una mostra di disegni, modelli in gesso e immagini riguardanti la storia e lo sviluppo di questa basilica dai suoi primordi fino ai giorni nostri. Il museo ti darà anche informazioni preziose sulla vita e la carriera di Gaudí.

Durata: 30 minuti

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  • Guida locale monolingue o bilingue
  • Sistema di guida radio
  • Biglietto d'ingresso e visita guidata in Sagrada Familia
  • Ingresso - Basilica of the Sagrada Familia
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  • Mance
  • Ritiro e consegna dell'hotel
  • Cibo e bevande, se non specificato
  • Riceverai una conferma al momento della prenotazione
  • Non accessibile in sedia a rotelle
  • Non possiamo prevedere quando la Sagrada Familia sarà affollata. In generale, le lunghe code sono comuni nelle principali attrazioni d'estate, nella maggior parte dei fine settimana e durante i periodi di punta durante tutto l'anno (Natale, Pasqua, festività locali). Il ticket salta la riga ti consente di saltare la linea se effettivamente ce n'è una. Sfortunatamente non c'è modo di prevedere i giorni e gli orari in cui si producono le linee
  • Tutti i visitatori devono passare attraverso i metal detector al punto di controllo della sicurezza, quindi si prega di attendere 20-30 minuti per cancellare la sicurezza
  • Un massimo di 9 persone per prenotazione
  • Poiché è una chiesa cattolica, i visitatori devono vestirsi in modo appropriato, è richiesto per l'ingresso alla Basilica della Sagrada Familia. Non saranno accettate canottiere, camicie senza spalline, pantaloncini corti o sandali. Inoltre, ai visitatori non sarà permesso di entrare con indumenti speciali per celebrare qualsiasi tipo di festività.
  • Vicino ai trasporti pubblici
  • I bambini piccoli devono sedere in grembo a un adulto
  • Partecipazione consentita alla maggior parte dei viaggiatori
  • Questo tour/questa attività non ammette più di 30 viaggiatori
ronald e
4 | 2019-07-25

My only complaint is the information desk lady we asked for directions to your offices sent us completly in the wrong direction it was so unneccessary as a map of the area that was clear would have helped. Tour guide was very good :)

Shelley S
4 | 2019-07-19

Guide was a bit fuzzy on details. But amazing place. Such fantastic use of light. A really nice change from your usual cathedral. Like it or hate it, you have to admire it

Elizabeth t
3 | 2019-07-19

The church was amazing a d definitely worth visiting. We found Viator tour to be mediocre. Guide spoke English well however she had a very heavy accent and she spoke too fast making it difficult to understand her.

Brian J
5 | 2019-07-18

The tour was fantastic. Easy to find the Travel Guide office and meet our guide, Jordi. Very short walk (around the corner) to La Sagrada. He was extremely knowledgeable, polite, and well versed in the architectural and historical highlights (both inside and out). We really enjoyed this. It was my wife and I and two 10 year olds. Not too short, not too long. Just right. Highly recommend to all visitors.

5 | 2019-07-15

This was an amazing tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide. There is no way that you would know all that your looking at without a guide to tell you about Gaudi's creation. We got into the cathedral without a wait which was also great as there were thousands of people all in/around. Probalby the best part of Barcelona.

Jeffrey G
5 | 2019-07-15

This was a good tour of Sagrada Familia that matched the Viator description. The meeting point for the tour is right across the street which is convenient. The wait to get inside was minimal with the Fast Track entry.

Lourdes A
5 | 2019-07-10

Loved this tour! Our guide, Pedro, was so knowledgeable and not overwhelming with facts and history. He gave us exactly what we needed to know to fully enjoy the experience. Thanks again!!

Kimbely B
5 | 2019-07-08

Our tour guides name was Joseph and he had a lot of knowledge. This was a wonderful experience. We really injoyed the tour.

5 | 2019-07-03

Our guide Vincet made all the difference. This has been one of the best tours I0ve ever done, Sagrada Familia might be my number 1 thing to see in Europe, this is just such an amazing place and out tour guide was fantastic. He was super knowledgeable, funny and enjoyable. Book this tour and ask for Vincet to be your guide, you wont regret it!

Claudia K
5 | 2019-07-03

Paid extra for a Skip the Line tour and still had to wait 1/2 hour in the hot sun while other tour groups went in before us. Just traded one line for another! Should have saved the extra money and just stood in the regular line to get in.

steven t
5 | 2019-07-03

As we were staying at the Sagrada Familia hotel it was a very convenient 10 minute walk to the travel bureau office to sign in for our midday tour. The tour was bang on time and Ignacio, our English- speaking tour guide- took us all into the Cathedral via the initial entrance, where we avoided any potential lengthy queues. Ignacio is a first rate guide, tremendously detailed 90 minute tour inside and out, my wife and I benefited from and English-only tour guide as opposed to a bilingual tour which I would thoroughly recommend to any visitor regardless of country of origin as it would avoid any confusion. We still had all the time in the world to take in the beauty of this splendid Cathedral on our own, but once again I would praise Ignacio's passion for his interest in this unique architectural wonder. Would recommend all travellers to this great city to pay it a visit.

Susan R
5 | 2019-07-03

Our guide was articulate, knowledgeable,humorous and deeply affective. I was so appreciative of this tour being our last BIG item in Spain. Our guide helped me re think some of life’s big picture issues. I would do it again❤️

Mona-Lee H
5 | 2019-07-03

Our guide was great, group was zesty and tour was very informative and easy. La Sagrada Família is beautiful and unique. It very much helped to have the guide to point out things you would not notice or know. Highly recommend.

Joan T
5 | 2019-07-03

Our guided tour was excellent. Our guide spoke good English, was educated and very knowledgeable of the Sagrada Familia. We had pre purchased our tickets, found the tour office and was greeted by our guide and off we went.

5 | 2019-05-09

Magnificent architecture and breathtaking to see. You will not be disappointed. Highly Recommended. Thank you to the wonderful and informative tour guide.

Mary C
5 | 2019-04-25

My husband and I are bilingual, so we decided to take the tour in Spanish. Our female tour guide was excellent. She patiently explained fascinating details about the construction of the church and about a school at the site that Gaudi built for the workers’ children. (Just a reminder that even with “fast entry” it takes about 15-25 minutes to go through the metal detector before entering the facility.)

Jonathan W
5 | 2019-04-22

Everything was as advertised. The guide was both informative and funny. I wouldn’t hesitate to to recommend this tour to those that want to keep stress low and enjoyment high. One note...we had a 9am tour and it was considerably less busy than even two hours later.

Donald M
5 | 2019-04-16

Fantastic place to visit our guide was informative and helpful.The history and experience was so great and all I had hope for.

david w
2 | 2019-04-03

When we signed up we were under the impression the tour was limited to 6 people. There were 25. The tour guide was not good. He kept saying “you can learn more when you tour sol later”. He rushed ahead of the group and was hard to locate in the crowd. They said it was a 90 minute tour. This included the group waiting 10 mins for him to buy tickets and 15 mins to get through security. Actual tour time was 45 mins. Better off with self directed.

Shari K
5 | 2019-03-06

The symbolism in the cathedral made this attraction extremely interesting. Highly recommended to anyone spiritual or new to Barcelona.

Geetha G
5 | 2019-01-28

Great experience— our guide was knowledgable and we certainly had easy access around this magnificent church!

Anna-Maria K
5 | 2019-01-09

The tour was very well organized and the tour guide was vey knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend - it is a must if in Barcelona

Wendy W
3 | 2018-12-10

Tour was ok. The guide is very knowledgeable, but our “English” tour was English and Spanish. The guide spent half the time in each language, with too much time just standing around. We paid for an English tour and would have rated the tour higher if we got what we paid for, an English speaking tour.

5 | 2018-11-27

We usually don't do tours but decided to for this location. Our guide was very informative and pointed out interesting articles in the church. We definitely learned a lot about the history and design that we would not have known if we had gone on our own.

5 | 2018-11-19

It was raining so hard that we all got our shoes wet just by crossing the street from the tour meeting pint to the Basílica. But that did t stoped our guide. He showed us the inside of the church and event went outside when possible. Very professional and kind!

5 | 2018-11-05

This was my first tour after arriving in Spain. It was an excellent way to start my trip.

5 | 2018-10-29

Our tour guide was very informative and entertaining. Tour was just long enough .... approx. 1.5 hours and we had the option to stay inside and do more sight-seeing on our own. Skip-a-line was definitely the way to go as the regular lines to get in were crazy long, and we were not even in peak season! We were queued up in a special line and got in within 10 minutes.

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