Avvistamento di balene dal centro città di Akureyri
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Avvistamento di balene dal centro città di Akureyri
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Avvistamento di balene dal centro città di Akureyri

3 h
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Qui, avrai la possibilità di ammirare le incredibili megattere dell'Eyjafjord nel loro habitat naturale. Il calore del sole d'estate porta una vita vivace e una gran quantità di cibo al fiordo che, di conseguenza, attira le mastodontiche megattere in cerca di cibo. Le nostre guide appositamente addestrate nell'avvistamento di balene sono esperte nell'individuare la fauna selvatica e ti illustreranno il loro comportamento, rispondendo anche a eventuali domande. 

La nostra nave è l'unica imbarcazione ad alta velocità per l'avvistamento di balene dell'Islanda. Capace di portare 200 passeggeri, offre delle viste insuperabili dalle piattaforme di osservazione in "stile cinema". La sua velocità ci consente di raggiungere le aree nel cuore del Eyjafjord, senza lasciare nulla di inesplorato. Con posti a sedere interni ed esterni, bar e caffetteria, puoi stare sicuro che il viaggio sarà comodo e piacevole anche a queste velocità.

Scopri le balene e la fauna selvatica con noi!
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3 | 2019-09-09

To be fair, the weather was awful - cold and rainy. However, it seemed that too many tickets were sold. It was difficult to find a seat. The promised 'narration' was minimal at best. The sea was rough and we spent the entire time waiting to get off! Supposedly one whale was seen in the very beginning of the cruise. They did offer free tickets to anyone who wanted them for Akureyri (or their place in Reykjavik) that were good for a year (I think).

Martin M
4 | 2019-09-02

Got to see a couple of young whales. Unfortunately about 100 meters away. Would try a smaller more nimble boat next time.

Samantha A
1 | 2019-07-30

In 3 hours we saw one whale very far away , when we went whale watching in Alaska it was fantastic but in Iceland very poor excursion and cost alot

Jason D
1 | 2019-07-29

On the first tour (in Akureyri), a staffer told me the whales are usually too far north to be found, which means they basically are taking your money knowing you're unlikely to see anything. We didn't see any whales. They give you a voucher to get you on another tour for free, which very few people have the additional time in Iceland to take advantage of. But I did two days later, this time in Reykjavik. Again, no whales, and the guide didn't even seem to care, admitting the tour before us had no luck either. I understand the unpredictability of the whales, but I've been on two other whalewatching tours in California and Alaska, both of which were amazing. When a company knows the whales are too far out and has numerous unsuccessful tours like this, it's a scam more than anything. Go whalewatching somewhere else; there are much better uses for your money in Iceland.

Robert G
5 | 2019-07-03

We were able to see many humpback whales, The tour guide had a lot of great information about each specific Whale and their name, We were on the classic tour three hour on the large boat, but now we wish we would’ve taken the express tour on the smaller boat which was able to get to the whales quicker and closer, we’re a little jealous when we saw the whales jumping up out of the water right next to their smaller express boat tour

5 | 2018-09-23

My tour was last year but I didn't want to fail to add my positive review. The tour is longer than the competitor's tours and we saw lots of whales as well as a seal or sea lion. We sat on front with our warm clothes and the Norwegian survival suits and enjoyed it immensely. We've been whale watching in multiple places and this trip matches well with all of them.

5 | 2017-10-13

Whales everywhere! This was a lot of fun.

Herman R
5 | 2017-10-11

Loved it! We took the afternoon tour spent the morning walking around the shopping district. User friendly no vehicles. The whale watch was so much fun. We saw several youthful whales 3 or four were having fun hanging out with each other. Our Captain, tour guide and crew were fantastic, friendly, professional,and so informative. Do make use of the coveralls they will reall keep you comfortable. Iceland does not have the same restrictions as many countries however,our Captain was very aware of the locations of the whales and kept a very respectful distance close but mot threatening. We got lots of great photos. I recommend this tour company highly. Go, have a great experience and fun!

Meghan B
5 | 2017-09-05

This was tons of fun.

Steve A Z
5 | 2017-08-02

Large boat with smooth ride. Good guides and lots of whales.

Janet B
5 | 2017-07-31

It was a wonderful trip with exciting, memorable sightings of whales. The trip leaders gave lots of interesting information which added to the wonder. we were lucky enough to see about 13 whales. My advice is do not be so intent in getting the best photos as you can be so busy taking pictures that you miss the full impact of the sight of the whales and their magnificent movements.

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